Saturday, 29 October 2011

My Skin Care Routine

Hello Beautiful Girls!

Today I'm gonna review my winter skin care routine for you guys. As you know Winter is here and you need to give extra care to your skin so it won't dry out and create patches on your skin. I have got oily skin and these are the products which suit me the best.

Following are the products:

  • Garnier Light Face Wash
  • Garnier Pure Active Blackhead Uprooting Scrub
  • Freeman Raspberry Scrub
  • Freeman Detoxifying Chocolate and Strawberry Mask
  • Simple Anti-blemish Moisturiser
Garnier Light Face Wash:

Firstly I cleanse my face with this face wash.It has got lemon extracts and is very good for oily skin. I have got some acne spots on my skin and this face wash proves to be very effective for lightening them. It also removes all my make up so I don't need a separate make up remover while using this. By far this is an amazing face wash I have used and very reasonably priced too.

Garnier Pure Active Blackhead Uprooting Scrub:

This is not really a scrub. I mean when you buy a scrub you expect it to be grainy. But that's not the case with this scrub. It's very creamy and has got such small micro-granules that you can barely feel anything. So that's why it's great for daily use. After cleansing my face I use this scrub for any blackheads on my T-zone.

Freeman Raspberry Scrub:

This scrub just smells heavenly!!! It's so fruity smelling that you just wanna keep on rubbing it on your face. I use this scrub twice a week and it gives amazing results. It has got the right-size grains, not very harsh neither very small. After scrubbing your face with it your skin feels very soft and glowing from inside.I strongly recommend it to you all.

Freeman Detoxifying Chocolate and Strawberry Mask:

Chocolate and Strawberries <3 .I just pounced on this scrub when I saw it.I mean just look at this innovation, it looked so yummy I couldn't stop myself from buying it. This mask is basically for normal to dry skin, but I didn't care and bought this for When I used it I got to know that I have done the right thing. After washing this mask from your face, your skin feels a bit dry for the moment, after a few minutes it becomes soft and elastic again. 

Chocolate is known to be a detoxifier for your skin. Before I knew about this scrub I use to make my own chocolate mask by mixing cocoa powder, honey and lemon in it. This mask smells soooo good! I just wanted to eat it because of its smell. You have to try it yourself to know that feeling :).

Simple Anti-blemish Moisturiser:

This moisturiser must be unknown to you. I got it from UK and it is known to be very good for your acne spots and blemishes. I thought I should give it a try. It is non-oily unlike any other moisturiser I've used. It does not feel heavy or sticky on your skin at all. It just disappears when you apply it on your skin which is a plus point for me because I hate oily moisturisers because of my skin type. And the best thing is that it really helps in eliminating your dark spots. I was amazed by it's results. So I use it daily now :).

That's all for today, hope you guys liked it.
Take Care :)


  1. That scrub looks yummy!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. nice regime remy! i've used the garnier face wash, really liked how it was on my skin!nice post:) x

  3. I love reading about skin care routines. Great picks. =D

  4. Thanks for the wonderful and helpful post :) xx

  5. Freeman products were my holy grail in my teens!! I still love the chocolate strawberry mask! its so yumm!! :):)

  6. Oh dear!! I was so getting the chocolate strawberry mask .My hands just reached it instinctively but then I thought what good would be chocolate for skin .Never knew it DOES do things.Liking the raspberry gel as well.Good post all over

  7. Congrats, you have been awarded :D


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    1. @Maanadi u can buy them from pot pouri or HKB .. they are easily available .... @Remy : i purchased neutrogena facewash and this yum chocooo mask and found them amazing ... love ur posts ... hope to see more soon

  9. Today I'm gonna review my winter skin care routine for you guys. As you know Winter is here and you need to give extra care to your skin so it won't dry out and create patches on your skin. I have got oily skin and these are the products which suit me the best. Sarah

  10. The post is kind of confusing but I understood few. Can someone help me explaining me the summary of this post so I get a better idea if possible? John

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