Friday, 27 July 2012

Garnier Skin Naturals Oil Control Fairness Cream

I received this new launch by Garnier Skin Naturals. I have extremely oily skin in summers and this cream claims to control oil for up to 8 hours while lightening the skin tone. Did it live up to it's claim? Let's find out in the post.

Garnier Claims:
Garnier Skin Naturals Oil Control Fairness cream gives the skin shine free fairness through its oil trapping technology coupled with the lightening efficacy of natural lemon essence. Garnier Skin Naturals Oil Control Fairness cream ensures oil free skin up to 8 hours.

My Opinion:
I have extremely oily skin. I have tried everything but the oil creeps up on my face in 2-3 hours at the most in Summers. When I got this cream to review on, I got a bit sceptical that how can my skin stay oil free till 8 long hours? It seemed impossible. So I used this cream and it has a lemony fragrance just like all the products of Garnier Light range. The consistency is just like that of a mousse and it does not feel heavy on your skin. Another thing is that it does not create a white cast over your skin like Garnier Skin Natural moisturising cream does.

This cream does not feel heavy on the skin and you can easily wear it instead of your moisturiser. It is a good option if you are looking for a moisturiser for your oily skin, as it does not make your face look like an oil slick like other moisturisers.As far as 8 hours of oil free skin is concerned-not a chance! It kept my face shine free for about 3 hours at the most and after that my face was back to normal.

All in all the cream is good if you want to keep your face shine free for a few hours, you can use a blotting paper or pressed powder whenever the oil starts creeping up on you. So this is a good one for summers.

Price: PKR 199

Hope you liked it.
Take Care


  1. I have an extremely dry skin i wonder if it will work for me

    1. It might not suit you because it mattifies the skin.

  2. Nice!!! it seems to be a really good product!!!!!!! wanna try it!!!
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  3. Nice review. I am also trying this for review and its quite good product .

  4. True, they have yet to invent something that makes face oil-free for 8 hours!!!

  5. garnier has some great products !

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