Monday, 17 October 2011

Shaeyes-Shanaz Hussain Kajal

Hey lovelies!

Today I'm gonna review Shaeyes, Shahnaz Hussain Kajal. Shahnaz Hussain is an Indian beauty specialist and works with natural ingredients to make the best products. This kajal is made purely from herbs (Ayurvedic) and is not the least bit harmful for your eyes.

 The packaging 

It has got this cute mirror on the lid which comes in handy when you go somewhere

The shape is like a normal kajal with pointed end

The reason for which I buy this kajal again and again is because I can't find a kajal better then this! It is in pure black and totally made from natural products so no harmful effects. This kajal DOES NOT SMUDGE! Believe me. I slept with this kajal on and when I woke up it was not the least bit smudged like other kajals do. Just a little line beneath my one eye. From this you guys can see how perfect it is for wearing the whole day and night.

This kajal comes off very easily with a cotton pad and warm water. You don't need hard core makeup removers to remove it like the Oriflame one. It's perfect!

Being a Pakistani I beleive that every girl here has used the Hashmi kajal. But in my opinion Hashmi kajal smudges a lot and is very hard to remove and leaves black stains under your eyes. Shaeyes does not do this.

Here's a demo on my eye

I feel that my lashes become in better condition when I continuously use this kajal. You can also use this kajal as an eye liner on the upper lid because it does not smudges and creases.

This kajal costs only PKR-450. It's very affordable and worth the price. i suggest you must try this.
Hope you guys liked this review.
Take Care :)


  1. looks good to me! :) will try it out sometime.

  2. Herbal Kajal sounds great, where did you get this from? :)

  3. A kajal that does not smudge! WOW lol. Definitely purchasing is asap :) Thanks for the review.

  4. This is a good kajal. I have used it a lot some times back. ^^

  5. Thank you everyone :).
    @Shy cheeks I got it from D-Watson Islamabad.

    1. does it really work ??? i hate and kajal which smudges quickly.....

  6. I have this too and really like it :)

  7. i used it n it was a big no......neither was it dark enough nor it was anti smudge........then i gave a try to kajol by rivaj it is 90 pkr but it is far far better then this one,worth a shot.....u can get it from pot purri lahore


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