Wednesday, 30 November 2011

E.l.f Lipsticks-(Classy & Gypsy)

E.l.f cosmetics is making really big in Pakistan. Today I'm gonna review two lipsticks of E.l.f cosmetics that are Classy and Gypsy.

E.l.f Gypsy & Classy

The thing I like about E.l.f's lipsticks is that they are so moisturising but at the same time are matte.After watching and reading so many reviews I bought these two colours. They have a variety of colours which go from nudes to browns to pinks and purples, and at the same time very affordable as well.

These lipsticks are very pigmented, but the thing that bothers me is that in the tube the colours look different, but when you apply them to your lips, they change a little. I was a bit surprised at first when I noticed this thing. So be a little careful before buying these lipsticks.But anyway the colours still look good

E.l.f essential lipsticks are very soft and might break if you don't keep good care of them. I think that is because of Pakistan's climate. Now as it is Winters so I don't think they will have that much chances of breaking.I also have another lipstick from E.l.f's essential line that is Charming, but that one broke after I used it twice. Might be because I bought that in Summers. So you might want to keep these lipsticks in your fridge for best results.

Classy is a light, cool toned pink colour, which turns a bit purplish when I apply to my lips. It is good for a day time look,esp in Winters as cool toned colours are in fashion. You can also wear  your eyes a bit heavy with this colour as it is more to the lighter side.

This a dark, cool toned pink colour with purple undertones. It is perfect for Fall/Winters. You can wear it at night time with neutral eyes and a pink blush, and you will look gorgeous!

Here are the swatches

Classy and Gypsy
You can see that both of these colours are cool toned pink with purple undertones. They are matte, so you can also pair them up with some pink lip gloss, if you want to cancel out the purplish hue and they will look gorgeous.

E.l.f essential lipsticks cost PKR-170 and are available only online. You can order them here and you can also check E.l.f Pakistan's Facebook page.

Hope you guys liked it.
Take Care :)


  1. great post. loved the swatches.esp on lips. but why are lipstick looking so different than swatches.Cam problem?
    thanks for sharing

  2. Thank you :). Yes I think my camera could not capture the true colour :/ .

  3. Very pretty!! im glad you got your lipsticks unbroken :)

  4. I bought a couple of their lipsticks and one of them broke really badly but the product is really good, love the scent and pigmentation. Gypsy is really pretty.

  5. Lovely review :-) and a new follower from, would love if you follow me back too <3 <3


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