Monday, 19 December 2011

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

Ladies today I'm gonna tell you about the best cleansing/polishing tool I have ever come across. Behold the multiple award winning product Liz Earle Cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser.

This cleanser comes in 100ml bottle. It's a two in one product i.e cleansing and  polishing. It comes in a pouch  with two muslin clothes and an instruction card which tells the process of using it.


Muslin cloth
It contains Rosemary, Chamomile, Cocoa butter and Eucalyptus essential oil for clearer and smoother skin.

How to use it:

There are two steps for using this product which are:

  1. Apply the cleanser to your face and neck, one or two pumps would be enough.Massage it on your skin properly using outwards motion. Let the product absorb in your skin.
  2. Take the muslin cloth and dip it in hot water and wring it. Let the cloth be damp but not wet. Cleanse your face and neck with the cloth gently. This product is also safe and gentle enough for your eyes. Wipe out your eyes with it also. After cleansing splash your face with cool water to close up your pores.

When I did this process, I was amazed with the results. It removed all traces of my make up even my waterproof eye liner and mascara.My skin felt so soft and thoroughly cleansed.After using it day and night for one week I  realized that my skin has a certain glow to it and my acne scars are visibly reduced. It did not break me out which is huge plus for me.

I use this cleanser even when I'm not wearing make up. It suits all skin types. I have oily/combination skin and it suited me very well. Although creamy products usually break me out  but not this one.

It comes with a pump which is very handy and a major plus point for me because it does not waste the product and is easy to use.

It comes with a sweet and light fragrance which feels minty on the skin. I feel instantly refreshed and clean after using this product.

In my opinion it is the best cleanser I have ever used. I would definitely recommend it to everyone.You can order Liz Earle cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser and check the other products of Liz Earle from HERE and the Facebook page HERE.

Hope you liked it.
Take Care :)

Disclaimer: This product has been sent to me for review purpose. I have given my honest opinion about it without being biased. 


  1. amazing product by liz of my fav..
    nice review!!

  2. I loved this too, awesome cleanser!:) x

  3. I want this cleanser but some how didn't bought it yet


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