Monday, 19 December 2011

My Most Treasured Locket-ALLAH

ALLAH-we all love HIM! Today I'm gonna share with you my most treasured piece of jewellery. My locket with ALLAH pendant in it.

I have been searching for a locket like this for so long, finally got this one from Lahore. And I can't tell you how happy I'm. I wear this all the time and I'm so in love with it. Wearing this locket makes me happy and somehow more peaceful. To top it of, it is made so prettily, with little diamant√©  in it, it sparkles from far away. I keep picking it up from my neck and kissing it. Utterly happy to get it!

Indeed, from Allah nothing is hidden in the earth nor in the heaven. [Quran 3:5]

Hope you liked it.
Take Care :)


  1. so beautiful! love the caligraphy! the pendant to have!!:) xx

  2. very pretty I love It I love ALLAH

  3. God lockets gives us an eternal power and peace of mind.The best part about wearing locket is our mind revolves around the positive and negative thoughts.Checkout some beautiful allah name pendant.

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