Sunday, 4 December 2011

Winter Must Haves

Hello girls.As the weather changes, your skin care routine also changes with that. Winters make our skin dry, even oily skin like mine. I sometimes feel dry patches coming up on my face and skin.So today I wanna share with you my list of skin care products and a shampoo that is a must have for me this Winter

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Oil-Free Face Wash:

This face wash is a must have for me this Winter.It makes my skin soft and supple without making it oily. Read a detailed review HERE

Garnier Light Moisturiser:

Garnier Light is one of the best skin care range for oily skin types. Everything in this range i.e face wash, moisturiser and lotion are nicely suited to oily skin types. I use this moisturiser daily, in the morning and at night on my face and hands.This does not makes my skin oily or makes me break out, and also helps in lightening the acne marks on my face.. I also use it before applying my foundation and my foundation goes on really smoothly over it. It's my favourite moisturiser of all time and a must have for Winters.

The Little Pink Tin:

This is a petroleum jelly by Superdrug. I'm in love with this,as you can see how much I have used it. This is not like the ordinary Vaseline which makes your skin oily. The pink tin is very quick absorbing product. I apply it to my lips and to some dry patches on my skin and my skin just absorbs it quickly without any sticky residue being left behind. It's a miracle product seriously. I got it from UK, I don't think it's available in Pakistan yet. If you guys have seen it here somewhere then kindly let me know :) .

St.Ives Apricot Scrub:

I know you guys have seen almost every other blogger raving about it. And believe me this scrub is worth the rave. It really does it's job perfectly. It exfoliates the skin and makes it super clean and soft. After using this scrub I feel touching my face again and again and again! It helps me from breaking out and literally pulls all the dirt and impurities out. And a plus point is it does not makes my skin dry. Thumbs up!

Freeman Detoxifying Chocolate Strawberry Mask:

This is a very good mask for every skin type with the best scent EVER!!! I can use it all year round and it suits me like anything. Read my detailed review on this mask HERE.

Nivea Cashmere Moments Shower Cream Oil:

I think this is my most favourite and most wanted product. It's a shower cream oil. Apply it on your whole body during the shower and your skin will feel like silk, I mean really! The fragrance is very light and refreshing. In Winters there is dryness everywhere on you.This cream oil fight with the dryness and makes your skin soft like a baby all over again. DO try this girls. It comes with different fragrances, pick one that you like and you'll definitely love this product.

Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Shampoo:

In case you have missed my post on Herbal Essences Body Envy range click HERE to read. Herbal Essences is THE brand for my hair. I don't think I'll ever switch to any other brand for my shampoos from Herbal Essences. In Summers I used to use Herbal Essences Body Envy shampoo, but now I use this one along with the Body Envy Conditioner and the Volumizing Gel. Long Term Relationship is for growing out long hair and preventing of split ends. It makes your hair soft and free from static (as this happens a lot in Winters). I skipped the Body Envy shampoo for sometime and started using this. It has a very nice fragrance and keeps your hair moisturised which prevents split ends. I'm glued to it these days :)

That's all for it girls.
Hope you liked it.
Take Care :)


  1. Great stuff! I have that Chocolate mask and I love it :)

  2. great post. I have to try the Herbel Essences shampoo you mentioned.

  3. YAY!!! for nivea and st ives stuff. i wish garnier could suit me..:( great post though

  4. I love the stuff you picked out! I love St Ives and Herbal Essence, thou my hair is getting a bit dry now so I have to end up switching.

  5. Wow omgg remy :-) Awesome post and im having three of the same products which you mentioned here, garnier light from past 2.5 months and its totally awesome plus using st.ives apricot scrub too it does magic no doubt and omg i just bought free man chocolate and strawberry face mask,i just bought cause of its packing and cus of its smell :D :D still have to try it out but girls its an awesome post :) :) xxxx

  6. Though neutrogena facewash makes my skin dry im not satisfied with it xx

  7. lovely post i am thinking to grab herbal essences shampo and apricot scrub this winter

  8. Hey Shinny Girl

    I have read all ur posts and now m big fan of ur choice ur too good in choice. Always wait for ur new reviews.very much impress by you.Keep it up good girl.

  9. plz tell us from where did you buy Nivea cream oil and also mention the prices of this product:)Thanks for sharing with us:)

  10. Samreen the Nivea cream oil is from D.Watson Islamabad. I will let you know the price soon :).

  11. I love herbal essence shampoo too as well as the st. ives scrub. Good list btw ;)

  12. I have acne-prone and oily skin, which facewash and mosturizer should I use??

  13. Really nice services you're providing dear, well I was looking to know about skin care, can you please tell me more about that ?


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