Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Red Hot Peep Toes by Oxygen

Love is in the air! It was Valentine's so I thought of sharing something "Red" with you girls :) . These are my gorgeous heels from Oxygen. Have a look at them!

Black strap on the front with metal detailing 

Heels and stilettos are the love of my life! These stilettos are from Oxygen which is a Thailand brand. They are so gorgeous and can go with any outfit, you can just pair it up with a red or black clutch or handbag and you'll be star of the evening. They're quite comfortable with peep toes. The front of the sandal is red whereas the heel and strap are black. It looks very chic and glam at the same time. You can wear it with any outfit, it can be jeans or choori daars with long A-line shirts. In fact they look gorgeous with absolutely anything.

I got it for PKR-1650 from Stilettos shoes Jinnah Super Isb. It was also available in beige and black.

Hope you liked it.
Take Care :)


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  2. Very nice! Although I doubt I'd be able to walk straight in those heels haha. I bought leather pumps with bows from Oxygen only a week back but they're already starting to loose their shape! Was very dissapointed since the salesperson assured me again and again that they wouldn't. Hoep you have a better experience than mine

    1. Aww sorry about your pumps...Heels are my thang! :) And I've many shoes from Oxygen, fortunately I haven't faced any problems.


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