Saturday, 21 July 2012

MUA Lipsticks- Shade 6 & Shade 16

This is my first try to MUA lipsticks. Read out to find out what I think about them.

Shade 6

Shade 16 Nectar

I bought the MUA lipsticks in 2 shades i.e Shade 6 and Shade 16 (Nectar). I was amazed with the pigmentation and the staying power considering that they are so in-expensive.The colour pay off is great and the staying power is up to 4 hours. The packaging is just like those of high end lipsticks, strong and classy. I didn't face any problems with the quality as well. They are not soft and messy like Elf's lipsticks, they reached me intact during this hot and humid weather. They don't melt and work great in the summers.

Shade 6:

Shade 6 is a dusty pink colour which is beautiful to look at. But it is very glittery, when applied to lips you can feel the chunks of glitter and the shine it gives is not appealing for me at least. I'm not a glitter loving person  when it comes to lipstick. But otherwise the colour is lovely and people who love glittery lipsticks will love it. But it's not my type of lipstick at all.

Shade 16 (Nectar):

Omg this colour is pure LOVE!!! I'm so in love with this lipstick. The colour is a pinkish coral which I have been searching for ages! It is not glittery as Shade 6 but matte and moisturising. I don't think I'm ever going to get tired of this one. Totally in love with Nectar.

There is also a secret to MUA lipsticks. When you twist the end of the lipstick (the coloured part), it comes off and there is more lipstick in there which can be used if you run out of the lipstick tube it self. See for yourself:

See? It's a pretty good surprise for first time users of MUA lipsticks. All in all the lipsticks are worth their price and great to buy if you are on a budget. I got them from

Price: PKR 200 each.

Do let me know what you think of MUA lippies.
Take Care :)


  1. I love this pinkish coral shade too.I have heard that this shade looks great on asian skin tones..Thanks for the review :)

    1. Yes its the perfect coral I have ever used :)

  2. I have shade 16 too and I looooove it! :D Shade 6 looks really pretty, I love a bit of sparkle ;)

  3. These colours are both so gorgeous! I love the coral colour! So beautiful!

  4. I love shade 16.. such a lovely shade!
    Nice review.. :)

  5. may be will get shade number 16 next time I shop from just4girls:)

  6. Wow! the last shade is really beautifull!


  7. Both of them look great on you..Nice picks! :)

  8. Great review! I have their Shade 7 and I love it. :D

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