Friday, 30 September 2011

My Luscious Shopping !

Hey girls!!!!

I finally got my most awaited Luscious delivery. I'm loving my stuff. Take a look at what I got.

Isn't that exciting. I got the Mineral HD foundation in Natural 1

Nail color in Pansy (My latest love :P)

Blush in Pink Spice

Eye shadows in Baby Doll, Moonbeam and Misty

That's all for today. Hope you guys enjoyed it.
Take Care :)


  1. ooo you picked out some nice items!

  2. grt picks...would love if you can review hd foundation and blush

  3. Reviews will be coming soon

  4. Hey! Just saw your blog and i was wondering why the hell i discovered it soo late?!!! trust me you have really extremely interesting posts...i realy mean it! i have read them ALL and also followed you.
    please review the nail polish pansy and the blush.
    waiting desperately.


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