Monday, 3 October 2011

Luscious HD Mineral Foundation

Hey Girls!

Today I'm gonna review Luscious HD Mineral Foundation. It's a requested review, hope you like it. After reading so many good reviews by my fellow bloggers, I decided to give it a try. I bought the foundation in Natural 1 shade.

This foundation is very light weight and when applied to face, does  not give the effect of any make up at all! I love the pretty sheen it gives to the face, and creates an illusion of healthy glowing face. I was searching for this kind of foundation for a long time, and finally found this miracle product.

 This foundation contains deep sea salt and mineral oil which helps keeping your skin soft and smooth. It's a mineral foundation with sheer coverage, so when you apply it lightly it will give you light coverage, but if you want to hide your blemished and imperfections you have to layer it on 2-3 times, depending on your skin condition.

Here's a swatch


With flash

Look at the pretty sheen it gives to the skin, the camera is not doing justice to it. It makes your skin look very fresh and healthy without being sticky. The best thing about this foundation is that when you remove it from your face, your face feels very soft and feels like you have just applied moisturizer to it, which is a very rare quality in any product. Love it!

The thing I don't like about this foundation is that it cant be used in the summers. As you guys know how the summer is in Pakistan, very humid. So it might not be suitable for oily skin types. I also have oily skin type but I have tried this foundation in Fall. So it was good for me. I will let you guys know in summers that does it suit me or not (InshaAllah).

Luscious HD Mineral foundation costs PKR-1,175. You can order these online HERE or visit their  FACEBOOK PAGE! <3

Hope you guys liked it. Do comment below!


  1. luscious have good quality products..thanx 4 review

  2. Luscious has some good products, I like how it has a slight shimmer in it. good review! and yea its hard to photograph true colors sometimes!

  3. Thank you Sidrah. Yes I did have to take couple of shots to get the color right :)

  4. I love this foundation to my max now :D xx

  5. This is written very well you are a very good writer. I am agree with you. Hope you will Carry on writing in the same way. Thumbs Up!

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