Wednesday, 16 November 2011

E.l.f Natural Radiance Blusher-Flushed

E.l.f Natural radiance blusher in Flushed

This review is gonna be about E.l.f's Natural Radiance Blusher, which I got in the colour Flushed.

When I decided to order at E.l.f Cosmetics I was a little confused between Shy and Flushed. I thought that maybe Shy would be too light for my skin tone, so I settled for Flushed which is a more pinker version of Shy.

This is a very pretty pink colour which, in my opinion, is perfect for Pakistani skin. It's not to light nor to dark for us. This blush is the prefect pink colour with a hint of shimmer in it. 

You just need one to two swipes of it and you're ready to go. Your cheeks get a healthy glow to them but it does not give too much shimmery look. You might want to use a highlighter with it if you are going to a special occasion. Otherwise for daily use it's just perfect without a highlighter.

A close-up of Flushed
It costs PKR-170 which as I always say is very reasonable. The packaging is a little tricky, I happened to open it in the first try because I read the instructions on the package. If you don't know how to open it you might end up cursing it and breaking a nail! 

The size is very small but looking at it's price, who cares? You can buy one every other month without breaking your budget. The product itself is not too much powdery. It suits me as I have oily skin, it might not work for extreme dry skin types.

All in all I'm satisfied with it and will definitely recommend it to everyone.Here's a swatch.

I had to do many swipes for the colour to properly show up on camera

Hope you liked the review.
Take care :)


  1. Nice review. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Lovely swatch .really flushing shade..thnx for sharing

  3. i have this blush.. really pretty and is great for its price ($1).
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