Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Luscious Glamor Eyes Cream Shadow Liners Palette (Intense)

Today's review is gonna be about Luscious Glamor Eyes cream shadow liners palette. I won this palette at a contest on Luscious's Facebook page :).

Eye liner is a must have for any girl! And a palette of eye liners is a dream come true. :)

This palette is small in size and consists a mirror in it. It has got 7 beautiful colours. This palette comes in two colours i.e Intense and Metallic. I got this one in Intense. These colours are dark and perfect for lining upper and lower lids. I won't suggest you to use these as shadows because they're in creamy texture and will crease.

This palette comes in handy to line your eyes when you don't want to use a liquid or gel eye liner. As those take a lot of time while applying and you need to be very careful with them. But when you use these cream liners they are very easy and fast to apply. This palette comes with a small eye liner brush in it.

The colours look very deep in the palette, but my only issue with these are that when applied to lids they loose pigmentation.You have to swipe it many times to show their real colours on your eyes. They stay put for about 3-4 hours, but it's best to use a primer before applying these liners. With it's compact size you can carry it in your bag and re-touch your eyes any time.

This palette costs PKR-850. You can buy it from any good cosmetic store in Pakistan or you can order it on-line HERE.

I would totally recommend it if you want a variety of eye liners in a small compact packaging and if you can't use gel/liquid liners properly.

Hope you liked the reivew.
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  1. Nice review. I think i liked kohl and Choclate brown most.how good is the brush?

  2. Yes chocolate brown is my fav too! The brush is good for applying these liners. :)

  3. nice palettes i have both of them very creamy but as quantity comes the prizes are comparably very high cost for such a small palette

  4. This is gonna be my 3rd palette I just ordered. Nice reviews.. :)

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