Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Nyx Round Lipsticks-Review and Swatches

Nyx is known to be an affordable brand with good quality products. I ordered 4 of the round lipsticks by Nyx. Read out more to know about my experience with them.

L-R: Fig; Frappucino; Tea Rose; Heredes

L-R: Fig; Frappucino; Tea Rose; Heredes
What gorgeous colours these are! All of them look good enough to eat. So anyway the lipsticks were a bit melted due to the hot weather of Pakistan, I had to put them in refrigerator. But unfortunately Frappucino broke. But it is still usable though. So this is my second time experience with Nyx lipsticks. They have got such a huge variety of colours that you can easily get confused which ones to pick. So I finally got these four colours. These lipsticks are very creamy and the pigmentation is truly amazing. You just need one swipe on your lips to get the perfect colour and it also moisturises your lips perfectly. The staying power is about 2-3 hours max, which is okay I think, not too bad. As they are very creamy they tend to bleed a little, but that is something which can be controlled with a lip liner and if the weather is not too much humid.

Are you ready for the swatches? It's show time!


Fig is the most perfect Barbie pink colour I have been searching for, not too bright and not too dull. It's very much wearable colour for a day to night look. This one is my favourite of the batch.


I think this is the perfect nude colour for Pakistani skin tones. It's not too dark and at the same time doesn't makes you look washed out. It's the perfect match for smokey eyes.

Tea Rose:

Tea Rose is a dull version of Fig. It's more towards the natural pink tone and is very much useful for daily use, if you are a working woman or a student.


This is more towards the brown side, it's a rusty brown shade.

Phew! Those were a lot of pictures. Which one is your favourite lipstick from the above? I got these lipsticks from  Blanc II Noir Shop and they cost $ 3 each.

Hope you liked it.
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  1. Wow, I'm surprised at how smooth these lipsticks are - they look great for being so affordable!
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  2. Tea rose is such a pretty colour. :)

  3. First and last one are very nice. <3

  4. Lovely shades. I have to pick some more colors xx

  5. i love their texture even more then my mac lippies

  6. Gorgeous lip swatches. Loving all your picks.

  7. Nice colours :)

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  11. You are right... All are very pretty colors,difficult to pick one....,fig is such a pretty shade.

  12. Gorgeous colors!
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  13. These look lovely, all gorgeous colours : )

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  15. love NYX -- great review and swatches!!

  16. That Frappucino color is FABULOUS!!!
    Thank you for this post...I love it!!

  17. I've heard it too that NYX lipstick easily melts. But overall this lippy is still likable.
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