Sunday, 12 August 2012

NYX Powder Blush-Bourgeois

I always prefer powder blushes keeping in view my oily skin type. Here is another review of a powder blush, this one by NYX in Bourgeois. Read more to find out my experience with it.

NYX has never failed to impress me. Every time I use it's products I always feel surprised by the product quality at such a less price. This blush has done the same. I never really use cream blushes as I have oily skin type, and cream products tend to increase the greasiness of my skin. NYX powder blush in Bourgeois is a pretty pink colour, which is light in pigmentation. This quality of the blush helps in building up the colour on your cheeks in the perfect amount. You can just sweep it once or twice for a natural glow, or you can build it up for making the apples of your cheeks a perfect pink.

This blush is very easy to blend and it has a slight shimmer to it, which helps making your face from dull to alive. The staying power is 5-6 hours which is pretty good. It does not make my face oily at all. Take a look at at swatches.

NYX Bourgeois blush lightly applied
I hope you can see the slight shimmer in the swatches. Overall I really like this blush and would definitely  be buying more of them.

Price: $ 4.50

Hope you liked it.
Take Care!


  1. the color looks very good on your skin tone. :) xx

  2. Oh I can't wait to try out some new NYX blushes! This one looks really nice on you :)

  3. looks like a real cute colour. How long did it stay on you?

  4. I love NYX blushes. They are so budget-friendly and have such and amazing line of colours. :)

  5. Good to see the change:)<3 loving this product and shade u ordered it directly dear or through someonline store:) best of luck:)

    1. Yea thx for pointing that out....I think the roza got to me. Lol. I got it from :)

  6. Lovely pink... I have a whole stack of blushes but Im itching to try NYX blushes....

  7. awesome color! n it looks great on you x


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